Frequently Asked Questions

How do you value my house?

First, we determine the top market value of your property if it were repaired to the best possible condition. Market value is the most probable price that a property should bring in a competitive and open market, where the buyer and seller are both motivated and a reasonable time is allowed for exposure in the open market.

Market value is determined by comparing your property to similar houses in the same area that have sold within recent months. It is not based on the current list price of similar houses—only the sold values. We take into consideration the condition of the house, the cost of necessary repairs and any encumbrances or obstacles to clear title.

Do I have to fix anything around my house?

No. You do not have to fix a thing when you sell your house fast to D3 Real Estate. Your property is purchased in “as-is” condition.

How do I get paid? Who pays off my mortgage when I sell my house?

Once closed you can collect the funds in one of two ways: By means of a certified bank check Direct wire into your bank account The title company will issue funds directly to you at closing. The title company will also payoff off any mortgages, taxes owed, home owners association fees and any other items that are due.

Will I have to clean up my home or remove unwanted personal items when I move out?

You don’t need to bother cleaning or fretting about disposing of unwanted items. We will purchase your home as it is, including any trash or unwanted items you choose to leave behind.

Can I sell my house even if I owe taxes/mortgages?

Yes. D3 Real Estate and the title company work together to order payoffs for any and all debt owed and those final payoffs are made from your total proceeds at closing. Sometimes sellers ask: “should I pay off my mortgage/ pay off my taxes before we close?” and our advice is to wait and allow the title company to handle all of the final settlement costs. The title company needs the releases of lien and proof of payment for all debt in order to insure the title. It’s often faster to let the escrow company handle these payoffs – this way the title company knows the debts have been paid and we don’t have to wait for the releases to come in before closing.

How fast is the whole process?

The whole process takes between 10 to 30 days from contract to closing, depending on the status of title and the terms of the offer. At D3 Real Estate we can accommodate your specific needs – just let our representative know how we can best serve you.

Do I get paid up front or do I wait until we close?

Funds are dispersed at closing. D3 Real Estate must obtain clear title from the title company and then we schedule closing. In some cases we are able to offer an advance, depending on the status of title and your specific circumstances.

When do I have to move?

Once we can set a date for closing you will know the exact date to schedule your move. Closing is when the final papers are signed, you receive your money, and when ownership transfers out of your hands. By this time, the house should be empty and vacant unless we make other arrangements based on your specific needs. We begin the process of repairs and maintenance on the property immediately after closing and anything left behind will be donated to charity or disposed of.

What if I need more time to move?

The closing date is flexible most of the time. If we sign a contract and you need several months to prepare for your move we are willing to work with you. There is NO PRESSURE from us to close by any particular date and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. Also, we may be able to lease the property back to you after closing for a short time.

Are there other options?

Yes! A cash offer from D3 Real Estate is the fastest and easiest way to sell your house. If time is not crucial though, you may be able to maximize the sales price by allowing D3 Real Estate to sell your house through our Net Listing program. This works as a hybrid between our normal cash closing and a traditional real estate listing transaction. In a Net Listing, we identify a price that is below the top market value, but more than cash offer and we will find you a buyer at our fixed net price in 90 days or less. We use the Multiple Listing Service and all of our highly specialized marketing techniques to make this happen faster than anyone else can. We will get your house sold fast! The traditional 6-month listing agreement does not apply—it’s a short-term commitment on your part, and you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to walk away from closing with no surprises or expensive commissions and closing costs. You will receive the net amount of money we agreed upon (less the taxes due and any liens) regardless of the deal we forge with the end buyer.

How do I get started?

You tell us about your property and we round up all of the information and tips on selling a home fast for you. An analysis of the market and the property – conducted at no cost to you – will help you understand all of the options. Once we’ve identified the solutions we can offer you, we’ll make an appointment to meet you and view your house. Once we’ve walked through the property, we will have a cash offer for you immediately.

What is the best way to contact you to receive my FREE no obligation offer?

Simply click get an offer or call us at 123 XXX XXXX

What type of real estate does your company buy?

We are open to considering almost any kind of property. Get in touch with us to discuss single houses, multiple houses, condos, duplexes, townhouses, apartment buildings, land, commercial property, mobile homes, or any other type of real estate.

Can you guarantee that an offer will be made on my home?

We assess each property individually and weigh various factors before presenting an offer. Our objective is to propose an offer that satisfies both parties while enabling them to accomplish their objectives. If we cannot arrive at a mutually agreeable proposal, we will not squander your time by presenting an offer.

I owe more on my home than it’s worth, will you still buy my house?

While we cannot offer more than your home’s value, we can often assist property owners who are facing this predicament. 

Will I have to clean up my home or remove unwanted personal items when I move out?

You don’t need to bother cleaning or fretting about disposing of unwanted items. We will purchase your home as it is, including any trash or unwanted items you choose to leave behind.

Will you consider buying my house if it needs a lot of repairs?

Absolutely! We accept homes that require extensive repairs and will buy your property in its current “as-is” condition. Regardless of your repair needs, such as foundation repair, mold issues, roofing problems, or any other repair issues, we are here to help.

How long does it take to receive my offer after I contact your company?

Once we evaluate your house, we can usually make you a prompt offer within 48 hours or less.

How long does it take to close and receive my funds?

Once we’ve completed our onsite evaluation and the title company advises us the title work is ready, we’re typically able to close in 10 days or less barring any unforeseen circumstances.

I don’t live in the same city as the property I’m selling. Can I close from a different city?

Certainly, we collaborate with reputable title companies that provide sellers with the convenience of closing from other regions. Just inform us during our property discussion if you would like to close from out of town.

How are closing costs handled during the sale of my house?

When you sell your property to us, we will bear the standard closing costs for both the seller and the buyer. The covered items will be discussed in detail when we make an offer on your property.

Does your company sell my personal information to be used in mailing lists?

Absolutely not! Please be rest assured that your information will remain confidential and will only be utilized by our company to finalize the transaction.


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